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September, 2010



Fiesta Now app

“Hey, that’s me in the movie!”

Drawing on the insight that everybody likes to look at pictures of themselves, we created the innovative Ford Fiesta NOW app, your opportunity to seamlessly mix yourself into the latest Fiesta TV commercial and become the star of the ad. Fun, very addictive and perfect for sharing, it’s a must on Facebook, the holy grail of status updates and Now moments.

Once you connect with the app, it searches your Facebook photo albums for relevant images and dynamically embeds them within the Fiesta film, instantly creating a cool, personalised vision of Now. You can then customise the selection by choosing your fave shots and remixing another stylish version.

Naturally you’ll want to post the movie on your wall and share your dazzling performance with your mates. And while you’re on this Fiesta fan page, you can take a look at loads of other Fiesta stuff.

Interactive, creative and a refreshing way to build on the existing This is NOW campaign, the Ford Fiesta Facebook app has got a big viral thumbs-up.

So come on and give it a go. You know you’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of a movie star! Check out and drop yourself into your own director’s cut.