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May, 2012



Inspired by Digital Shoreditch

Charlotte Rose reports on IDENTITY day at the Digital Shoreditch festival.

Digital Shoreditch is a new festival that celebrates outstanding creativity and with over 50 events held over a 5-day period I sadly couldn’t get to them all!

But even attending just one day I left feeling more informed about the different perspectives creative agencies, organisations and brands (along with key individuals) have on the ever-evolving digital world we live and work in.

It was particularly interesting to hear alternatives on how to engage consumers – from charitable and sporting organisations, for example. And as well as the art, it was fascinating to discover more about the science and psychology that drives digital communication too.

Digital Shoreditch montage

Making the world a better place: a good deed at a time

The first speaker to really capture my attention was David Erasmus, CEO and Founder of GIVEY.

David spoke about using social media for social good and not only did he tell us about the opportunities it can offer, he showed how social can provide an effective alternative to current methods of charitable donation.

Perhaps the most profound point he made was how we’re able to contribute to things “bigger than ourselves.” And whilst we spend a lot of time and effort detailing our professional and social profiles through LinkedIn and Facebook, there is no social ‘timeline’ that documents our good deeds.

David’s aspiration is to develop a platform that will enable millions of people to make millions of small actions, and by following, sharing and, ultimately, encouraging each other in these actions we can make millions of positive changes to the world. An amazing concept and like all great ideas, brilliantly simple!

Growing up on the net

The second speaker who really inspired me was Holly Clarke, Group Head of UK Operations Team at UNRULY. Holly’s theme for discussion was, ‘I share, therefore I am’.

Digital Shoreditch montage

She spoke about children’s online personas, their timeline recorded histories and how the importance they place on their perceived image from such an early, impressionable age could later trigger social anxieties.

Holly commented on how individuals create specific personas for specific platforms, using social media to express themselves and self-validate through likes. For social grooming and nurturing relationships kids join groups and follow trends that carve a specific identity. And for E-world domination, (trend setting), they build up a following via twitter, which involves the perpetual search for new content and reactive sharing that is now second nature.

Digital Shoreditch portraits

Get a life… beyond the laptop

The insightful message, in short, was; children should concentrate on their off-line identity and socialisation skills and ‘digital literacy’ must be implemented from a young age. Children must be taught about privacy, safety and ultimately be actively encouraged to power down, switch off the computer and enjoy life offline, in the real world.

All in all, a fantastic festival and one I’d highly recommend. Can’t wait for next year!

Find out more about Digital Shoreditch.




Internet World Expo 2012

Luke Johnson, Email Project Coordinator, reports on what caught his expert eye at the recent Internet World Expo.

The Internet World Expo is Europe’s largest event for digital business. And with over 300 exhibitors housed within the vast halls of London’s Earl’s Court, I certainly wasn’t short of stands to see, demos to try and people to talk to.

As well as the many stands offering product information and all the glossy brochures you could possibly carry, there was a hectic schedule of free seminars too. Keen to make the most of my visit, I hit a lot of them. But the one that really grabbed my attention was titled ‘Email’s Role in a World Gone Mocial’. The burning questions of “aren’t social and mobile both hotter than email?”, and “where does email fit?” go through many advertisers’ minds, and this seminar delivered some fascinating and useful insights into these issues.

How to keep email ahead of the game

One of the key points of the seminar was a view we already subscribe to: email must adopt, adapt and improve in a ‘Mocial’ world. So we must constantly review our tactics and techniques to ensure the email channel thrives and our communications are successful.

Air New Zealand emailOne area that always helps effective email communication stand apart from other channels is their capability for unique personalisation. Bringing an email to life with personal touches can really influence the recipient. And a brilliant example shown at the seminar was the email campaign designed for Air New Zealand.

“And your attendant on this flight today will be…”

This email uses the first name of the recipient, and includes information such as their flight details, a 5-day destination weather forecast, and travel tips. OK. And the imagery is also relevant to the customer’s destination. Smart.

But the most impressive piece of personalisation is the image of the flight stewardess that heads the page. In fact, each email features the member of staff that would be working the passenger’s outbound flight, purposely positioned above the fold to capture the reader’s attention immediately. How cool is that?

This creative thought, attention to detail and ‘go the extra mile’ personalisation really helps deliver a brand promise, as well as promote a one to one relationship with the customer. One was even quoted as saying; “This is the first piece of email marketing that I have thoroughly read, found helpful and printed out.”

Your thumb. The new mouse

A second factor to consider is user accessibility, so the email template needs to recognise the increase of smartphone usage. That’s why a ‘Call to action’ shouldn’t require the need to pinch-zoom; the layout needs to be mobile friendly.

And finally

Including social media links in the email means the user can quickly and easily navigate through to the relevant pages. Likewise, having bespoke e-newsletter sign up tabs within Facebook (while incorporating ‘share’ and ‘like’ buttons in the email) further connects email to social media. It’s a simple and effective way to ensure that all of our campaigns are properly joined up.

To get back to the seminar, it drew to a close with the question; ‘aren’t social and mobile both hotter than email?’. The answer? No. Email is hotter and healthier than ever. It has adapted and moulded into the Mocial world by using personalisation and integrating the social media channels.

And by helping connect users to those channels to provide an integrated user experience, email will continue to create great results for clients.




The appointment of Karin Onsager-Birch as Executive Creative Director

Award-Winning Creative Director joins from Goodby, Silverstein and Partners.

3rd May 2012 – Blue Hive has appointed Karin Onsager-Birch as Executive Creative Director. Karin joins from Goodby, Silverstein and Partners (GS&P) in San Francisco where she was Creative Director. Karin will work into Toby Barlow, Chief Creative Officer at Global Team Ford, and report to Tony Grigg, CEO of Blue Hive. She will relocate to London to begin her new role in Mid-May.

During her decade long tenure at GS&P, Karin created and managed award-winning campaigns for brands including Adobe, Chevrolet, HP, Hyundai, and Nike. Her work has received honours from Cannes Lions, The One Show, The Clios, The New York Art Directors Show, Effies and The Library of Congress.

Tony Grigg, CEO, Blue Hive commented: “Karin is a world class creative leader and her track record speaks for itself. She is passionate about cars but has excellent non-automotive experience too, and her rich multi-cultural heritage gives her an edge that will be an invaluable asset to Ford.”

Speaking about her new role, Karin commented: “I love cars, they are the fastest and most powerful piece of jewellery you’ll ever own, the ultimate accessory. Joining Blue Hive and Ford is an amazing opportunity. There are crazy smart people on the team and a dynamic and infectious energy among its players. Ford’s technologically innovative products are exciting stories yearning to be told. I can’t wait to get started.”

Jeff Goodby of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners commented: “Karin set standards here in sassiness and visual integrity that will long outlast her. Blue Hive is very lucky to have her.”

Karin graduated with a Distinction from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. She speaks fluent English, Spanish, French, Norwegian and Danish.