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New work: HTC One series

So we came up with a concept for HTC’s B2B communications strategy to highlight the cool new features of the HTC One series and turned it around at light speed. With a hop, a skip, a donut-dash to Krispy Kreme and a road trip to HTC’s head office in Slough, we got to work constructing a 3.6 by 4.8 metre installation, complete with nine 42” plasma screens to display unique, digitally-generated artworks created from people’s tweets about the new HTC One Series.

Our awesome development team built an application that analyses the individual words in tweets that specifically reference the incredible audio, high resolution screen and cross platform connectivity of the three phones HTC are about to launch. Our robot ingeniously creates a bespoke digital artwork from every tweet, by combing colour palettes, patterns and over 200 doodles (especially created by the talented doodle-artist, Mr. Jonny Voss). Et voila; the user receives their own ‘One of a Kind’ piece which is displayed as a fluid and evolving interactive artwork at HTC, Europe.

The installation team